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image of home inspection checklist

Home Inspection Checklist

Ready for your home inspection? Use this thorough checklist to make sure you've covered all the bases.

image of subcontractor referral list

Subcontractor List

Need a handyman? What about a lender? This referral list provides contact information for quality subcontractor referrals in the Colorado Springs area.

image of home remodeling checklist

Home Remodel Checklist

This checklist will help you figure out whether to remodel prior to selling, and what to spend your money on to get the most out of your investment.

image of buying a home brochure

Tips for Buying A Home

This brochure helps buyers understand the buying process and what to expect.

Featured Videos

image for boutique realtor vs big brokerage

Boutique Real Estate Agency vs Big Brokerage

Hope White and Ian Kovac of Hope White The Real Estate Company share their experience on working with a boutique real estate brokerage is better than choosing a high volume big brokerage to buy or sell your home.

video for 3 common complications for first time homebuyers

3 Common Complications For First Time Homebuyers

Hope White and Ian Kovac of Hope White The Real Estate Company discuss 3 common complications that first time homebuyers encounter when thinking about purchasing or going through with a home purchase.

link to video on tips for increasing your home value

Tips for Increasing Your Home Value

Hope White and Ian Kovac of Hope White The Real Estate Company provide tips for increasing your home value and curb appeal prior to selling your home.​

link to video for the real estate housing market update Fall 2017

Real Estate Housing Market for Colorado Springs Fall 2017

Update on the Real Estate Housing Market for Colorado Springs 2017. Hope White, Broker, and Ian Kovac, Broker Associate, give their update on the current condition of the housing market for Colorado Springs.


home buying process for dummies infographic

The Home Buying Process For Dummies

Get Your Finances In Order

Speak to a lender
Make a down payment plan & budget
Get pre-qualified AND pre-approved

Searches & Showings

Communicate home buying wish list to your Realtor® 
Realtor® searches and finds properties that match your criteria
View properties with your Realtor® 

Offers & Negotiations

Realtor® writes initial offer and reviews contract with you
Seller offers counter proposal, Realtor®  negotiates on your behalf
Offer gets accepted and contract signed by buyer and seller

Pre-Closing & Closing

Realtor® helps you meet all deadlines (title commitment, inspection, appraisal, etc)
Presentation of buyer funds and final walkthrough
Closing and then moving in!

first time home buyer guide infographic

Tips For First Time Home Buyers

89% of home buyers use a Realtor®

Remember: A buyer’s agent is free. Commission is negotiated long before a house is put on the market; by not using a Realtor® there is no one looking out for your best interest.

Top 5 Tips for First Time Home Buyers

  1. Communicate with your Realtor®
  2. Show what you can afford
  3. Know when to negotiate
  4. Don’t skip the inspection
  5. Be ready to act quickly

Most important factors to consider when purchasing a home:

  • Price
  • Location
  • Condition
  • Terms


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