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Home Buyer? Buyers Need Realtors Too!

88% of home buyers purchase a new home through a real estate agent or broker, according to statistics from Approaching a new home purchase can seem like an easy process because of the technology available online to home buyers; however, this is not the case. Talking to a realtor early on can be a great way to start preparing for your future home and avoiding common mistakes. 1 out of every 4 home buyers (25%) regret their purchase, according to a nationwide survey by Redfin.

A great REALTOR® knows how to listen to the needs of a home buyer and also know what’s available in the market and how to find what you are looking for in your price range. They also can help you get the best offer for what you’re spending, what features you can DIY, and how to get out of a contract if you are uncomfortable. Make sure you choose to work with someone who has lived and worked in your target area so they are familiar with the neighborhoods, amenities, property conditions, and pricing. Having a realtor that understands your local real estate housing market is priceless and can help you avoid common buyer mistakes.

Check out our blog post Why Use a Realtor for more information and contact us if you are looking for an honest and attentive REALTOR® to assist you in your home purchase.

What You Should Know About Buying a Home

Buying a home is one of the most important financial decisions you will make in your life. It’s critical as a home buyer to approach this decision with caution, wisdom and realistic expectations. Below are a few things you should know when buying a home.

  • Seek the Advice of a REALTOR® Early On

Most people who think they are ready to buy a home usually are not. A trusted and experienced REALTOR® knows the current market as well as future market trends. They also help you leverage their knowledge to get you through the buying process from start to finish as smoothly as possible.

  • Don’t Just Get Pre-Qualified…Get Pre-Approved

A great REALTOR® knows the difference between getting pre-qualified and getting pre-approved. If you are serious about purchasing a home, it’s important to get pre-qualified right away. Most realtors can provide you with referrals to lenders, lawyers, title companies or sub-contractors. Get pre-qualified right away. It’s generally a best practice to be pre-approved prior to attending showings or making offers. 

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  • Know What You Want, When to Negotiate and When to Compromise

It’s important to be patient when searching for a new home, as availability in the real estate housing market isn’t always ideal. A home buyer who employs a little patience in the short term can actually get what they want long term. Knowing what features you can and cannot compromise on is key. An experienced REALTOR® is your best bet to recognizing these features.

Check out our video below “Tips for Increasing Home Value,” where we talk about what upgrades and remodels buyers like to see most.

Home Buying Process

Find the Right REALTOR®

Make sure you find a buyer’s agent that has integrity, knowledge and experience. While listing agents can represent both buyer and seller in some states, it is not advised. You need someone dedicated to your needs during negotiation rather than take a chance that you may be getting neutral representation or no representation at all.

Get Pre-qualified and Pre-approved 

A lender will be able to lead you through the process of reviewing your finances and making initial suggestions on how to improve your ability to buy. After getting your finances in order, the lender will do a more in-depth analysis of your credit, debt, income and assets.

Search for Homes with a REALTOR®

Spend time with your REALTOR® communicating your needs and desires regarding your future home. Then, listen to your realtor’s advice where current market conditions and comparable homes are in the area. You may need to employ some patience if the features you want in a home aren’t showing up in the current housing market offerings.

Attend Showings and Make an Offer

Your REALTOR® will work with the seller to schedule showings that work for you. Pay attention to curb appeal and critical system upgrades (such as kitchens and bathrooms) over cosmetic upgrades or flaws to get the best investment possible. They will also write the offers, go over the contract with you in detail and negotiate on your behalf. The best part of having an honest REALTOR® is that they can and will work to meet your needs above the seller, while still being fair.

Contract Deadlines

An attentive REALTOR® will make sure all deadlines are met by all parties; including:

  • the seller
  • you (the buyer)
  • the lender
  • title companies
  • listing and selling agents
  • all other individuals involved

The inspection, appraisal and insurance deadlines are the most common, but your REALTOR® will be aware of more obscure or rare contract obligations that may not arise during every purchase.


An experienced REALTOR® will have navigated all of the contractual obligations, logistics and your needs and concerns long before closing day arrives. While it’s common to have some bumps during a home purchase (such as minor issues cropping up during inspection or multiple offers and counter offers), your REALTOR® should have everything well in hand when closing figures come in 24 hours prior to signing the closing documents.

Buyer Resource Center

The Buyer Resource Center is for potential, current or future homebuyers who need advice on purchasing a home. No matter where you are in the purchasing process, you can browse our resources.

We have videos, articles, checklists and much more!

If you are looking for a buyer’s agent to represent you for a home sale, please contact us. We would be happy to schedule an in-person or phone consultation to connect with you on your needs.

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