Hope White

Selling the Pikes Peak Region Since 1991

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Hope brings over 30 years of experience in the real estate industry. She founded her company in 1994 on the principle of integrity because she wanted to help people in an industry fraught with misdirection and fraud. Her company is a boutique-style business that focuses on giving clients the attention they deserve. She will teach you what is going to happen, what to expect, and what criteria you will be dealing with next during home sale or purchase. Then she will walk through it together with you, making sure you know every step you are going to take and help you through the process with follow-up and follow-through.

Throughout her business pursuits, she’s have obtained an abundance of property experience as well as customer service experience through handling purchasing and sales of real estate and all the intricacies of the stressful situations she’s encountered. She has an excellent record with the Colorado Real Estate Commission and is versed in Colorado State, County and City laws, codes and regulations. Her experience has given her a good understanding of construction and sub-contracting. Her extensive office and computer experience, skills and abilities have made her able to be very efficient in preparing and submitting required documentation in a timely fashion.

She specializes in listening to her clients and teaching them what they need to know in order to make informed decisions throughout the sales and purchase process. Her main goal is to find out what’s best for you, the client, and help you achieve it for the best price under the right conditions. She is a tenacious advocate for her clients and will go to bat for them to get their transactions completed.
If you would like to talk to Hope about purchasing or selling a home, or have any real estate related questions, please feel free to contact her at ahopenow at gmail dot com or call the company at (719) 578-0804 and an attentive staff member will assist you right away.

A Message From Hope

I love houses! I remember my daddy taking us around to see the Christmas lights on the pretty houses in Denver when I was little and just gazing at them wondering what they looked like inside.

I love helping people! I consider my clients to be people who need protected from dishonest people so I shelter them and watch over them as much as possible during transactions. Whether it’s a seller with a buyer who can’t quilify get the deal done and we need to shut it down to find a better buyer or a buyer who is looking at an awesome house but there is too much debt against it to sell so we go to the next. I have had the privalege of working with honest people who are serious about their requirements in real estate.

I listen to people! Whether it’s all of the awesome things about your house that you’ve done or the fireplace you want in your next home. The most important thing a realtor can do is listen to you! Especially when you don’t want to buy over your own desired amount, even though you can qualify for much more. There are a lot of realtors who justify buying higher saying you will like the house longer. I feel you know how much you should be spending and I will help you find the best house we can in your price range, regardless of how long it takes.

My team loves what they do! Ian, Rachel, and I really enjoy helping people. They say when you find what you enjoy doing, you won’t work another day in your life.