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If you are a home seller looking for a REALTOR® who is attentive and honest, we’ve got you covered. Many of the clients we work with come to us after having a lackluster experience with larger real estate firms. Because we specialize in boutique real estate, we can dedicate more time and energy to our clients needs. With 25+ years of experience and a solid reputation, we can confidently say that you’ll get the attention you deserve without sacrificing on quality of service.

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Finding the Right REALTOR® is Crucial to Home Sellers

According to the 2017 National Association of REALTORS® Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers, almost 90% of home sellers engage a real estate agent or broker to help them sell their properties. There are many contributing factors to the importance of using a REALTOR® instead of listing your house as for sale by owner (FSBO). Complex, ever-changing real estate laws and regulations, accurate home estimates and listing pricing, and confusing contracts and negotiations are a few factors. While REALTORS® are expected to adhere to strict regulations, there is more that goes into selling your home than undestanding contracts and real estate law.

A great REALTOR®, or seller’s agent, will provide an accurate and in-depth market analysis so your home is priced to sell. They will know the neighborhood and have experience selling your type of home. They will have exceptional negotiating skills and be in constant communication with you. A REALTOR® will also handle all logistical challenges with ease, and advocate for your needs above the buyer, while still being fair. The sign of a great seller’s agent is that they make it seem so easy, you think you could do it yourself.

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What You Need to Know About Selling Your Home

Selling your home is not only a huge financial move, but is also a highly emotional and stressful experience. A home seller bears the largest share of work during a real estate transaction, which is why attempting to sell your property on your own (listing it as a For Sale By Owner or FSBO) can become a costly hassle if not executed properly. Below are some important points to keep in mind when deciding to list your home for sale.

  • First Impressions Last

A little bit of home staging goes a long way. Making sure areas or neat, uncluttered, and well lit will make your home stand out.  Make a great first impression prior to photographing and showing to maximize buyer interest and increase your chances of getting the best deal for your listing.

Interiors should be clean and free of clutter and well illuminated with both natural light and lamps. Removing unnecessary items and furniture from rooms also helps buyers to imagine their belongings in the space.

Don’t forget the exterior! Curb appeal goes a long way. Walk the outside of your property, checking the paint, fences, garages and sheds. Make sure gutters, patios and yards are clear of debris; remove dead plants, mow the lawn and prune bushes and trees if you are able.

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  • Price Your Home Right From the Start

A common real estate myth is to list your home at a higher price than you want to get. But real estate experts agree that buyer interest is at its peak when a property is initially listed. The longer a home stays on the market, the more flexible you’ll need to be on pricing. That’s why it’s important for sellers to set realistic listing prices and terms in the beginning.

Price your home to sell to maximize buyer interest from the start because the longer a home sits on the real estate market, the less interest it gets. Also, lenders require home appraisals for all home sales purchased through buyer financing. If the home appraisal turns out to be less than the asking sale price, buyers can back out of the contract leaving you to start the whole listing and contract process over again with a new buyer.

Also check out our video on “Why A Home Doesn’t Sell” for more strategies to get the most financial return for your home sale.

Home Selling Process

Find the Right REALTOR®

Make sure you find a seller’s agent that has integrity, knowledge and experience. While listing agents can represent both buyer and seller in some states, it is not advised. You need someone dedicated to your needs during negotiation rather than take a chance that you may be getting neutral representation or no representation at all.

Improve Home Value and Curb Appeal

Your REALTOR® will know what upgrades or remodels will net you the best return on your investment. Remodeling kitchens and baths typically increase your home value, while replacing or upgrading items such as flooring, walls and windows will get you your current home value.

Remove trash and debris from the property, take out unneccesary furniture and illuminate the rooms with both natural and artificial light. Consult your REALTOR® prior to spending too much money on repairs or fixing flaws you think need to be addressed – depending on your current real estate housing market, you may be able to save your money.


Your REALTOR® will schedule showings with potential buyers and make sure the appointments fit your schedule. However, it’s important to be flexible. Same day and last minute showings are common and being ready to show at any time increases your property’s visibility in the market. It’s a good practice for the home seller not to be present while buyers are touring your home, so that they can visualize themselves and their furnishings in the space. Buyers can also feel uncomfortable with the sellers present and it can discourage them from making offers. Check out this helpful article from the balance on how to prepare your house for sale.

Offers and Negotiations

Your REALTOR® will work with the buyer to schedule showings that work for you. Pay attention to curb appeal and critical system upgrades (such as kitchens and bathrooms) over cosmetic upgrades or flaws to get the best investment possible. They will also write the offers, go over the contract with you in detail and negotiate on your behalf. The best part of having an honest REALTOR® is that they can and will work to meet your needs above the seller, while still being fair.

Contract Deadlines

An attentive REALTOR® will make sure all deadlines are met; including:

  • you (the seller)
  • the lender
  • title companies
  • listing and selling agents
  • all other individuals involved

The inspection, appraisal and insurance deadlines are the most common, but your REALTOR® will be aware of more obscure or rare contract obligations that may not arise during every purchase.


An experienced REALTOR® will have navigated all of the contractual obligations, logistics and your needs and concerns long before closing day arrives. While it’s common to have some bumps during a home purchase (such as minor issues cropping up during inspection or multiple offers and counter offers), your REALTOR® should have everything well in hand when closing figures come in 24 hours prior to signing the closing documents.

Seller Resource Center

The Seller Resource Center is for potential, current or future home sellers who need assistance on selling their home. No matter where you are in the listing process, you can browse our resources.

We have videos, articles, checklists and much more!

If you are looking for a seller’s agent to list your home, please contact us. We would be happy to schedule an in-person or phone consultation to connect with you on your needs.

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