The Home Buying Process For Dummies

Last updated on August 5th, 2018 at 05:42 pm

home buying process for dummies infographic

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The Home Buying Process For Dummies

Get Your Finances In Order

Speak to a lender
Make a down payment plan & budget
Get pre-qualified AND pre-approved

Searches & Showings

Communicate home buying wish list to your Realtor®
Realtor® searches and finds properties that match your criteria
View properties with your Realtor®

Offers & Negotiations

Realtor® writes initial offer and reviews contract with you
Seller offers a counterproposal, Realtor®  negotiates on your behalf
The offer gets accepted and contract signed by buyer and seller

Pre-Closing & Closing

Realtor® helps you meet all deadlines (title commitment, inspection, appraisal, etc)
Presentation of buyer funds and final walkthrough
Closing and then moving in!

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